Housing Cats

With so many cats living at the sanctuary, we’ve become quite creative in keeping the cats safe and housed for all types of weather.

Using purrfect fencing, the South Kennel encloses a meadow area. Numerous small houses dot the area and 2 trailers have heat installed for comfort. 2012-11-25-002Cat trees, branches, old furniture are used to make spaces for the cats to climb and play under a roof.

A screened porch makes up the ‘walls’ of the West Kennel. A tree grows through the roof and a trailer with installed heat keeps the kitties warm in all sorts of weather. West Kennel also contains the kitchen area for all three of the yard areas.

The old garden shed makes up the heated area of East Kennel which is also surrounded by a screened porch. Another tree grows through the roof of East. Toys dangle from the porch roof and cat trees, branches and old furniture create many spaces for the cats to explore.