About Us

v2logoLocated in rural Clark County Washington, Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary is a haven for rescued, abandoned, injured, special needs, feral and otherwise unwanted cats. The non-euthanizing sanctuary has been functioning since 1996 and now houses nearly 120 cats on a semi-permanent basis. Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary provides a unique service for cats in the Clark County area by specializing in the care of geriatric, special needs and feral cats. Chapple Hill Cat Services (dba Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary) is a 501(c)(3) designated organization.

Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary was created out of the need for a community safe haven for abused, neglected and medically fragile cats. It was originally undertaken as the private commitment of a local couple who felt compelled to provide an alternative to euthanization for these animals. Over the last several years they have found that many people share that respect for life and a personal mission has become a community mission.

Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary is a known source of information within the community, providing resources for medical aid, access to low cost spay/neuter, and, potentially, placement assistance if no options are available to keep the animal with its owner. We receive a large volume of calls for help and provide information, referrals or aid to every caller. Our goal is to empower the caller with the resources to deal with the situation and not have the animal go into a shelter. We continuously network and build relationships in the animal community to find the best values for altering and medical care. We are the last recourse to basic survival for cats many people consider to not be adoptable. We are passionate in our belief that the best control of animal overpopulation is accessible and free or low cost spay and neuter programs.

Cats that reside at the sanctuary are given an initial medical assessment and treatments consisting of spay/neuter, FeLV/FIV testing, vaccinations, parasite treatments and a complete check-up prior to being made available for adoption. Special care is taken to make sure all potential adopters know the complete history (as we know it) of each cat they may be interested in. We strive to provide the best facilities and ongoing medical care as possible for our residents, especially our aging residents that have not had to good fortune to find a family to adopt them.

We are focused on keeping our residents healthy and happy, and since we are functioning beyond capacity we have created a more robust program to help the animals in need that do not have the good fortune to find a place at the sanctuary. We are able to help individuals in the community care for small colonies of cats that are living on the fringes of society. By sharing our resources we are now able to help feed, spay/neuter, vaccinate and provide necessary care for dozens of cats outside of the sanctuary in the Vancouver/Portland area.

Our contact network and rescue range from Everett, Washington to Bend, Oregon focusing primarily in the Vancouver/Portland area. Through the tireless efforts of the volunteers at Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary we are making a difference for animals in need. It is our honor to serve the animals and provide the services we offer.